Membership Inquiries

Membership Inquiries

Membership Applications (September 2020)

This year has been a difficult one for many of us, adapting to the changes and reorganizing our schedules. And the Deep Cove Yacht Club has not been immune to the changes in behavior. With members having more 'free time' the club has seen a large increase in member visits, and the September 2020 Executive Meeting saw the directors dealing with some of the resulting issues.

Both the docks in the Cove and the Outstation have experienced a large increase in usage, and some of the resulting problems were dealt with during the summer. It was evident, though, that a deeper look at the underlying cause was required, and there was consensus at the meeting that applications for membership should be suspended pending the outcome of a thorough review, and the following motion was adopted:

  • Effective immediately, Active Members applications which are currently not in progress will be suspended. Suspension will be in effect until at least the 2021 DCYC AGM at which point the membership will be engaged on the future direction of membership within DCYC.
  • All current or future applications received, but not yet processed, will be placed on a waiting list in date received order and processed at a time when Full member applications are being accepted, according to the date they were received.
  • All children of Active members who turn 19 within that period will be offered the ability to convert to a full member.

Those wishing to be placed on the waitlist, can still complete the Membership Application and submit to the office.

Anyone with questions regarding this motion should contact our Membership Director, Todd Harkin -

Click here for the COMMUNITY MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION with the details of our Community Membership.

FAQ's Regarding Membership and Moorage
Moorage is only available to current Active, Senior or Life Members of Deep Cove Yacht & Sport Club and to our Reciprocal Club members. There is no non-member moorage available

If you are looking for public moorage, you may wish to contact the following local public marinas;

Deep Cove North Shore Marina
Lynnwood Marina
Reed Point Marina
Mosquito Creek Marina
Thunderbird Marina

Moorage FAQ:
Can I go on the moorage waitlist?
No, there is no such thing as a waitlist. Available slips are for club members use only.

If I become a member, how long will it take to get a slip?
Unfortunately, there is no accurate answer to this question. It depends on what slips become available and how popular the slip posting is with members looking for moorage. We always advise prospective new members that moorage is in demand and you should be prepared to wait.

How is moorage assigned to members?
A notice of a moorage vacancy will be posted on the club notice board and advertised in the clubs newsletter and website. Interested Members have 2 weeks to sign their name and seniority date to the moorage posting list. Two weeks following the moorage posting, the Dock Master will assign the slip to the most senior member on the moorage posting list.

What is a seniority date?
Seniority is the date of acceptance into membership as an Active Member.